Whimsical paper goods for children & the young at heart.

Ahoy there! This Paper Ship is a paper goods shop specializing in one-of-a-kind prints, cards, and unique gifts for children and the young at heart. We’re a mom-and-pop store (literally, a husband-and-wife team with a baby girl) and we take pride in drawing everything original for the shop.

From first sketch to the mailbox, each of our goods is crafted lovingly by hand and shipped to you from our studio in Sanford, North Carolina. Each print is hand signed, dated, and embossed with our antique embosser. 

We care deeply about the environment and making as little a footprint on it as possible. We use 100% recycled USA-made paper from French Paper Company, produced at their hydropowered factory in Michigan. We minimize paper waste and recycle all of our scraps.

We got into paper goods because it was a match made in heaven—it makes us happy to draw things that make people smile! 

There’s nothing that says “I care about you” more than getting a handwritten card in the mail, especially with how easy it is to fire off a text or email these days. And on a gloomy day, a cheery piece of art on your wall can inspire you to take just one more step in the direction of hopefulness. 

That’s our mission: if we can spread even a tiny ray of happiness, love, and encouragement through a little colorful ink on paper, we’ve succeeded at our jobs.

When we’re not producing paper goods, we’re busy at work as a freelance illustration team at Joel and Ashley Illustration (www.joelandashleyillustration.com). 



Our biggest news is that we're in the process of going 100% hand printed with all of our paper goods, soon and very soon! 

We'll be letter pressing all cards by hand and screen printing all art prints by hand in our new studio space. 

The studio is a labor of love and work in progress, so follow along on Instagram and the blog to see regular updates! 

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We are SO excited to show you guys! Thanks for following so faithfully. 

Joel, Ashley, and Sadie

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