In our backyard, tucked between the house and the garden, is a massive pecan tree. According to a quick Internet search, it took about 40 years to get that big, which means the original owners probably planted it as a sapling when they built our house.

We haven’t yet started to duke it out with the squirrels for a pecan harvest, but it did give wonderful shade for our bedroom windows and our daughter’s kiddie pool last summer. And in the peak of winter, when it’s cold and wet and the excitement of the Christmas season is long gone, its bare branches let in glorious sunlight that warms the whole end of the house.

It’s little things like this that we take for granted in the middle of our busy lives. Take a moment today to notice and be thankful for a small detail of your home that you appreciate: a framed print from your adventures overseas a cozy nook where you like to drink tea and read, a favorite piece of furniture you found at a flea market, or the way that winter light streams into your house at midmorning.

(This photo is from a particularly sunny corner of our bedroom where our daughter’s Llama Llama and little set of rain boots found a temporary home. This is one of those precious times that would normally have been overlooked and forgotten.)

What are some of your favorite spots in your home? Comment below!

Written by Joel & Ashley
Co-founders and designers behind This Paper Ship