When we get busy, we get crazy. Fun crazy. It’s usually during deadline weeks that we end up making the most elaborate meals—like two weeks ago when we were working on the first upload of color proofs for a board book, we made fish tacos for dinner, complete with a batch of about 30 homemade flour tortillas. Labor-intensive, delicious, and just a slight bit of sanity gained.

So in the middle of all of our current craziness, we did what any sane person would do: we designed 8 gift bags to hold Valentine’s Day treats, designed a template for folding, and are offering them to you as free digital downloads, all on our new revamped website!

Just download, hit print, fold and glue or tape, and fill to your heart’s content! (We’re using ours as “Valentine’s Day Advent” bags, one for each day in the week leading up to the 14th.) Click this link to download all as a .zip, or scroll to the bottom to click and download each individual design.



Here’s a brief tutorial on how to fold your template:

  1. Place the paper, image side down on the table.
  2. Bring the right edge of the paper toward the middle and crease on the printed vertical line.
  3. Repeat for the left edge of the paper: bring the left edge toward the middle and crease on the printed vertical line.
  4. Crease along the top horizontal printed line. Unfold.
  5. Crease along the bottom horizontal printed line. Unfold.
  6. On the left side, pull the corner of the paper edge in the middle up, making sure it rests flush with the edge in the middle. (This is what makes the triangle fold along the printed diagonal lines.) Repeat for the right side.
  7. Now you’ve got a hexagonal shape at the bottom. Fold the top edge of the hexagon toward the bottom and crease at the horizontal printed line.
  8. Fold the bottom edge of the hexagon up toward to the top of the bag and fold at the horizontal printed line.
  9. Tape the seams and expand your bag! You’re done!


Have fun! And watch for more holiday-themed treat back downloadables in the future!


Click any of these individual images to download individually:

Written by Joel & Ashley
Co-founders and designers behind This Paper Ship