Hi friends, and welcome to the newest face of This Paper Ship’s happy Internet harbor! (How many versions has this been in the last 10 years? Way too many to count!) We’re super excited to have you back with us, or if you’re new to This Paper Ship, we’re thrilled to have you here for the first time!

Life has been absolutely insane around here since we first moved to our house a little over a year ago. (A fulfilling kind of insane, but insane nonetheless!)

We’re getting back up to speed on our grand adventure to completely switch from digital giclee printing to artisan printing methods—letterpress for cards, screen printing for art prints—and we’ve cranked up renovating our 300 sq. ft. backyard studio after a long winter break, currently finishing up insulation for drywall in March. (More posts on that renovation process soon!)

At Joel & Ashley Illustration we’re in the final stages of finessing up our illustrating our first board book to hit the shelves this Halloween, thanks to a collaboration with the lovely folks at Cottage Door Press. (It’s technically our 15th board book in the last year and a half, but the first 14 will probably never see the light of day… long story!) Joel just took up a side gig as a regular contributing writer for manmadediy.com. And finally, though our 2-year-old is the most delightful human to have walked the earth, she’s definitely in full-on toddler mode, so let’s just say she requires a lot of attention! So yeah… we’re slightly busy.

If you’ve been following This Paper Ship for a while, you’ll know how much we’ve evolved over the years. What started as two kids fresh out of art school, cluelessly selling custom hand-drawn wedding invitations on Etsy, has grown into a thriving paper goods business with a whimsical illustration style built on years of collaboration. We never thought we’d be doing this full-time so early on. (Thank you, Recession, for making sure we didn’t get those promised design jobs right out of school.) Lord willing, we’re going to hit our 10-year mark in September, and it’s more than we could have ever hoped for.

You can expect this new blog to have be much more than process posts for our goods. This Paper Ship is sailing into the full-on lifestyle blog horizon: lots of free downloads, DIY tutorials, tips on styling and decorating, adventures in gardening, updates on our studio renovation, the lives of work-from-home-parents-with-a-toddler, and yes, plenty of posts detailing our studio process in letterpress and screen printing. We’ll be posting multiple times a week. Woo hoo!

So here’s to a new chapter for This Paper Ship in our 10th year. We’re so blessed to have a fleet of fans who’ve followed us every step of the way. Let’s plan to go into the 11th together with a BANG!

Written by Joel & Ashley
Co-founders and designers behind This Paper Ship